Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Quick Look at StyleSaint

StyleSaint is a clothing label founded by Allison Beal, who also doubles as the head designer. It is a label that sells directly to its customers (think Everlane) to keep prices reasonable, uses high-quality fabrics, and has everything made locally in LA. That all sounds great to me! But what intrigues me the most is StyleSaint's design process. 

StyleSaint draws inspiration from its member-only Saint SocietyMembers can scroll through pictures other members have shared, and if you find something that inspires you, you can "tear" it. Once you "tear" something it is automatically saved in a tearsheets page in case you ever need a boost of inspiration. The designers at StyleSaint look at what's trending amongst their members in order to design items they know the members will like. 

Above is a look at my tearsheets page. Can you tell I'm craving spring and summer? 

In addition to the tearsheets, you can combine individual tears into a moodboard, which are then published and visible to other StyleSaint members. I really like the moodboards because I like to focus on a specific thing (ex. leather) and compile a few options for it. You can combine tears and moodboards to make Stylebook, which ends up looking like a mini digital fashion magazine. So cool! 

My "Leather for All" Stylebook on StyleSaint.

Aside from this awesome community, StyleSaint does have lovely clothes! Two of my favorites are the Scallop Skirt in silk mosaic and Take-Two Top in black and tanIt's free to sign-up for StyleSaint and you can use my referral link to get $20 towards your first purchase! 

Are any of you already members of StyleSaint? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If my post encourages you to sign up, comment below with your username so I can follow and see what inspires you! :) 

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