Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grey, Black, and Roshe

love my Nike Roshe Runs. This is surprising because my first impression was, "Those look weird. It's so thin at the toe- I bet you could see the outlines of your feet in them. Gross." 

My opinion didn't change until I tried them on a few months ago. Oh my. The way the shoes cradled and supported my feet while feeling light as air... It was a totally different sensation than any other shoe I've tried on, and not like anything I could have imagined. If you haven't tried on a pair, go do it. Even if you're not interested in buying them. Then blame me for telling you to try them on because you (might) buy them shortly after. Also, don't worry, you can't really see the outlines of your toes. At least not in the black shoes. 

I've been drawn towards wearing a lot of black lately because I don't have to think about matching. But how do I prevent myself from looking like a blob? Mixing fabrics and textures works pretty well for me! I paired my Roshes with an ultra-soft gray rayon tank, faux leather jogger shorts, and a wool-blend jacket with faux leather sleeves (below). These items add dimension and variety to my outfit to prevent me from looking flat and boring.    

This was me 99% of this shoot because I don't actually know what to do in front of a camera:

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Top: Everlane Ryan Tank, Shorts: Rehab (similar), Shoes: Nike

Note: Based on reviews, it seems like the Roshes consistently run large for women. I found this to be true for me as I'm normally a size 7 in Nike shoes, but for the Roshes I sized down to a 6.5. The majority of men find the Roshes to run true to (Nike) size. 

Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!

photos by Jonizzle

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