Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Surprise & Dinner

I woke up Friday morning to a wonderful surprise. Roses, a lovely card, latte from G&B, and Tim Tams from Australia. Tim Tams are these amazing chocolate biscuits filled with more chocolate. You can combine the Tim Tams and coffee to make what is known as a Tim Tam Slam. It is as epic as it sounds.

More pictures and the recipe for a Tim Tam Slam after the jump!  

How to make a Tim Tam Slam
1. Take a small bite from a corner of a Tim Tam
2. Take a small bite from the corner opposite of your first bite
3. Dip the Tim Tam in the coffee so one bitten corner is submerged
4. Suck on the other bitten corner like a straw until you taste coffee 
5. Quickly toss the whole Tim Tam in your mouth and experience the coffee filled chocolate Tim Tam melt in your mouth
6. Repeat until you run out of Tim Tams.

More flowers awaited my arranging! The second card is of two Shiba Inus in front of the Love sculpture outside Taipei 101. hehe 

Top: Vivian Chan, Bottom: old skirt, Shoes: Material Girl (similar), Clutch: no brand- gifted

For dinner I wore the Chriselle top from Vivian Chan. It is a beautifully made vegan leather cropped (on me) top. My favorite thing about this top is the tulip sleeves! Although a subtle detail, the sleeves reveal the great amount of thought put into the design. Vivian Chan just launched their spring collection and I'm in love with everything! My favorite has to be the Erin skirt, which is made of a vintage jacquard fabric. Bonus- it has pockets! 

From upper left going CW: Crab cake, beef tongue hash, crème fraîche panna cotta, banana & chocolate bread pudding, grilled quail, and ox tail ragu.

My boyfriend and I had dinner at Bar & Kitchen, which we hope to return to soon! Everything was really good, and our favorites were the crab cake, crème fraîche panna cotta, and banana and chocolate bread pudding. Yum!

After dinner we went to watch the Lego Movie, which was awesome! "Everything is awesomeeee!" I highly encourage everyone who likes Legos to go watch the movie. It's a lot of fun and just non-stop excitement. 

A big thanks to my boyfriend for such a lovely day. :) I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and long weekend!


  1. I want to try a Tim Tam... can you get them here?

    1. You can! They're sold at World Market! The brand is Arnott's. Let me know how you like it!