Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food Crush: Bread Lounge

Bread Lounge sits inconspicuously on the corner of 7th and Santa Fe in the Art's District of DTLA. A bi-fold sign on the sidewalk indicates that there is indeed life and delicious wonders to be discovered behind a pair of tall heavy doors and otherwise plain stone wall. This would explain why I don't have a picture of the storefront. 

In the past year I've eaten at Bread Lounge a few times and have loved all the sandwiches I've tried. The ham and cheese (Black Forest ham, Emmentaler, Dijon-mayo spread) is so simple, yet delicious. The "Going Dutch" panini (Sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted turkey and smoked Gouda) is another good one, though quite heavy! 

My favorite is the one I tried most recently- "Ho! Barcelona". This one isn't on their website so I can't tell you exactly what was in it, but the main components are chicken breast, amazing roasted(?) red peppers, and melted mozzarella cheese. You have the option to have this sandwich hot or cold, but they really should just have one option- hot. My jaw dropped after the first bite. SO GOOD. 

When you order a sandwich you also get the choice of bread (baguette, brioche bun, ciabatta, olive ciabatta, grain stick, olive stick, multigrain, or country bread)! All breads are made in house. I would recommend the multigrain for the Ho! Barcelona. If you're ever unsure of which bread to choose, just ask the workers! No recommendations have failed me yet. 

Bread Lounge is usually pretty crowded with a small parking lot, hard-to-find street parking, and limited seating (there's outdoor seating in the back, but not much). So rather than eating in, my boyfriend and I have gotten into the habit of picking up a loaf or two and enjoying it at home. Pro tip: ask for your loaf to be sliced! It's a free service. :) 

Enough about their sandwiches, let's get to the bread (and pictures)! 

Toasted multi-grain with apple butter and peach butter with honey from Atlanta. Thanks, Evelyn!

The multi-grain has a great crunchy crust. Though it's multi-grain I wouldn't say it's a "chunky" multi-grain. Those of you who have eaten a lot of multi-grain breads before probably know what I mean. This bread is great toasted!

Next is the potato rosemary (with potato chunks O_O yum!) loaf. I used it for a sandwich with avocado, oven roasted turkey, fried egg, Colby Jack cheese, light mayo, and roasted red pepper hummus (trust me on this one). 

The potato rosemary is my favorite bread ever and I've only had it once. The crust has a bite to it, but not as tough as the multi-grain. The bread is so moist yet dense enough to be a sturdy sandwich bread (proof above). The rosemary is so fragrant and delicious. Every time I took a bite of my sandwich I got a whiff of the bread and it just made this homemade, thrown together sandwich the best I've had in awhile. I didn't toast it, but I bet it'd be even better that way! 

Below is currently my favorite banana bread topped with pecans and chocolate chips. I think the chocolate chips are either dark or semisweet chocolate. The banana bread is not overly sweet to begin with, but the chocolate chips just add another dimension to the overall taste. Yum! You can buy the banana bread as a whole loaf located on the shelves along the wall opposite the counter.  

If any of you have been to Bread Lounge, let me know what you would recommend! If you haven't gone, invite me when you go! :D 

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