Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Lately

I've been working on some fun projects in the last month and a half. Check out what I've been up to below! 

Battle Vixens: 

I worked on this as the costume designer. It was the first set I had ever been on with stunts- and it was amazing. It was so cool to watch the fight scenes with punches, body-throwing, and chairs and bottles being smashed. Truly movie magic! 

I really appreciated the crew honoring Sarah Jones on the slate (upper left). Sarah Jones was a camera assistant who was killed on an unsafe set in late February. It was comforting to see the community coming together to pay tribute to a life cut short, and a sobering reminder of how important safety is on set. 

It was my first time seeing a jib (upper right)  in action, which is essentially a huge crane that has a camera on one end and counterweights on the other. The camera operator is able to move the camera all sorts of directions with a joystick at the base of the jib. Baller. 

AJ Rafael's MV for "Matchmaker" produced by ISAtv: 

I also worked as costume designer for this mv, along with Dani Kanemitsu, a long-time wardrobe stylist. She was fun to work with and such a champ when she ended up having to dress the band and extras on her own the day of the shoot. Check her out at Resonate Local

So the reason Dani was responsible for dressing everybody on set was because I had been pulled to do be the art department, responsible for dressing the set. This was really fun for me because there are a few different themes in the music video. Dan, producer and production director at ISAtv, had his interns help me out which was much appreciated. 

Both wardrobe styling and art department requires a keen eye for details, and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to do both! Special thanks to Dan for this opportunity, director Jason Poon for being so easy to work with, and the talented crew! Enjoy the music video! 

Battle Vixens and AJ Rafael's music video were shot at YouTube Space LA, which is an incredible space with the sweetest people. If any of you ever get the chance to visit, you totally should! It's a great atmosphere with workshops, seminars, and happy hours held weekly!

Untitled Mark Columbus TV Pilot (current):

I think it's the most challenging job I've had as a costume designer, in a creative sense. Mark the director, has an incredible vision and I am so fortunate enough to have his trust in carrying it out. I love analyzing characters and brainstorming ways to make them come alive on screen. Mark came along for the ride while my imagination ran, and he fully supported me when I came up with designs for two key clothing pieces. It's been so rewarding to create things with my hands and have others understand what I envisioned.

I love this picture I snapped of some of our cast and crew. Mark was laughing and enjoying himself so much that he had jumped up and thrown his head back. It's a good thing when the director is having fun!

The production designer and art department for this TV pilot are truly talented. These women are able to understand Mark's vision and make it a reality. They get Mark's unique flair and what tone he is trying to set. The set up below is enough to prove their talent. Just perfection. 

The set fits very well with the characters. 

photo from Mark Columbus, photo credit: Steven Huffaker

See what I mean?? hehe 

Life has picked up for me as of late. Every day I remind myself to be grateful of my blessed life and try my best to remain humble. I am so thankful for everyone who has believed in me and continues to do so. It is with their investment and faith in me that I'm able to become comfortable with who I am and have these opportunities to do something I really enjoy! 

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