Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guest Post on Anna Wu Photography: Engagement Session Attire

My friend Anna is a wedding a portrait photographer based in San Francisco. Since Anna photographs a lot of couples, she asked me to share some tips for engagement session attire with her readers. I hope my general guideline will help you and your partner pick out the perfect outfit(s). Your shoot is to celebrate a very special moment in your lives so dress for the occasion

1 | Be Yourself

The most important tip I can give you is to stay true to your style no matter what dress code(s) you and your partner decide on. You don’t want to wear the clothes you lounge around the house in, but don’t be afraid to dress up either! If you are pulling from your own closet, pick an outfit that you feel represents you the best. If you decide to buy an outfit for the shoot, pick something you would wear again.

2 | Fit Fit is the second most important thing. Well-fitted clothing will flatter you and look like you’re wearing the clothes and not the other way around. A shirt that is too tight can be distracting, and pants that are too long will bunch around your ankles making you look shorter. If you have areas you’re a little more self-conscious about, wear something with more structure or made of a thicker fabric. I would stay away from stretchy or clingy fabrics like lycra/spandex. Try on your outfit(s) and check to see that everything fits as it should. Perhaps you’ve lost some weight since you last wore a dress, or you never got around to getting a pair of slacks hemmed. If you want to buy a new outfit, do it at least a week in advance to give your tailor time to do any necessary alterations.

Find out what the rest of my tips are over on Anna's blog! Anna is not just a wedding photographer, but also an avid traveler and foodie as well. She recently returned from a trip to Europe and her photos are reigniting my dreams to travel there someday! You can check out the recap of her stay in Copenhagen, Denmark- here. Beautiful!
Thanks for reading! A special thanks to Anna for letting me use her beautiful photos!

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