Thursday, April 10, 2014

Style + Shoot feat. Chloe + Isabel Jewelry

When my friend Tiffany asked me if I wanted to be a part of a photoshoot, I said yes of course! I got excited when she told me it would feature jewelry from the brand Chloe + Isabel. I've been eyeing their jewelry for awhile after seeing Tiffany's pictures on Instagram. I welcomed this opportunity to try out some of the items. Take a look at some of the pictures from the shoot below! 

Necklaces: One, two, three 

Necklace: One

Tiffany made a fun gif with a few of the pictures: 

Necklace: One Bracelet: One

Earrings: One Necklaces: One (wrapped twice as necklace, worn below as bracelet), two | Bracelet: One 

I couldn't keep a straight face for long. 

(same as above), Additional bracelet (on left): One

As usual, no shoot would be complete if I didn't have an awkward picture. Here, I tried to look cool with this hydrant on the wall. 


My favorite part of the shoot was probably when Tiffany suggested we style one last look and have it set at The Pie Hole. I love pie! I got the chicken and cornbread pot pie and Tiffany got the Earl Grey Tea pie. It was my first time trying the Earl Grey pie and it was so good I ended up getting a slice to go so that I could have it for dessert later that day. The Earl Grey flavor is infused in a mousse that makes up the pie filling. It has a nice, light flavor, and mixes with the whipped cream topping to create a heavenly fluffy bite. I'm a huge crust fan and I really liked this crust. It was not super flakey (which I like), but was buttery and had a good bite to it. 

Now that I'm writing about it I kind of want a slice... be right back... 

 Necklace: One

The braided chain convertible necklace is beautiful and versatile! It's actually two necklaces- one short, the other long. You can wear the necklaces separately, layer them, or combine them to create the longest combination, which is how I'm wearing it above. I think this adds to the value of the necklace and makes it worth the money. 

After handling the jewelry all afternoon, I was pleased to find that all the items are sound in quality and have a good weight to them. The necklaces don't feel cheap and anything that had individual stones attached felt secure. I love that Chloe + Isabel has a large catalog with a wide array of styles and colors. I think the prices are a little steep only because I feel that the quality is equivalent to that of Baublebar, and their prices are a little more reasonable. That being said, I see myself leaning towards the Chloe + Isabel pieces that can be worn multiple ways. One of my favorites was the three row paillette graduated pendant because you're able to wear the necklaces together or individually. I wore just the middle length a few pictures above. 

I had such a fun time working with Tiffany! She didn't shy away from trying out bold lip colors and her blushes made my cheeks glow in a very natural way. I cannot wait for our next collaboration. Thank you for reading! 

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Tiffany is a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel and she invited me to partake in this photoshoot for her website. All photos were taken and edited by her. 

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