Monday, October 6, 2014

Hat Trick Pt. I: Brixton

That's it- I'm inducing Fall by wearing jackets and sweaters. The heat waves in Southern California are keeping summer around longer than I would like. In an effort to usher in some cooler temperatures, I want to feature and style my favorite hats for this season with a post dedicated to each one.

Looking out at downtown Los Angeles. 

A black wide-brim hat was on my must-have list for a long time. I wanted a hat that was in between a standard fedora and a floppy brimmed hat, which I already have (post to come on that!). It is tough for me to find hats that fit me because my head is on the smaller side. I started to think I would never find a hat that was the right size so I became tempted to settle on hats that were too big. Eventually, my self-control (or stubbornness) prevailed. I found the Brixton 'Wesley' hat at Belmont Army in Chicago about a month ago. I fell in love immediately, but the only size left was a medium and it was too big. At least I knew Brixton made a size small so there was still hope! I wasn't able to find the hat in LA and ended up ordering the hat from Nordstrom because I could easily return it if it didn't work out. 

The hunt was over; the hat fit perfectly! 

Eating at my favorite local pie place The Pie Hole. The steak and ale is my favorite savory pie, while the Earl Grey is sweet pie of choice. Pictured below is the yummy savory breakfast hand pie, and bourbon pecan pie. The bourbon pecan was a little too sweet for me and the bourbon a little strong, but I'm a little more sensitive to the taste of alcohol in food and don't really like the taste.

I am so in love with my Brixton hat. The small (size 7, 22") fits me well and doesn't feel like it's going to fall off my head as I walk around. An occasional strong wind threatens to blow it off, but I've been alright so far. The hat holds its shape and keeps my head quite warm since it's made of 100% wool. I think the thin leather band adds the perfect amount of dimension and flair to the hat. I highly recommend Brixton hats and would purchase another in a heartbeat. I also really like the Messer, Tiller, and Dalila hats. Brixton makes hats for men, too. However most of their hats are shown to be unisex. Awesome! 

Outfit Details: 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more hat posts! All photos taken by the lovely Jonizzle

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