Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hat Trick Pt. IV: Apolis

Before you harp on me about there being four parts to my Hat Trick series instead of the three that there should be (it's a soccer term for those who are totally confused), hear me out. The pun was just too good to pass up, and the hat is too good looking to edit it down to only three. I think that's pretty understandable, no? 

The final hat in this series is a five-panel strapback from Apolis. The hat features a leather strap in the back, hence the name, and a vegetable tanned leather bill. It is made of 100% wool so it is appropriately named the Wool Camp Hat. Because of the material it does make it a warm hat, but lightweight and durable. The combination of wool and leather elevate the hat and gives it a different feel than my snapback

I would describe my style as a combination of elements traditionally seen as masculine and feminine. Part of it comes from a desire to combat stereotypes. Another factor is that I have always admired the sartorial tomboy. But at the end of the day, what fuels the decisions for what I buy and how I wear it is comfort and practicality. I had years of excessive shopping and trend-following that did my closet and wallet no good. I've since cleared out a lot of my clothes and have made big improvements in controlling what I purchase. Now, I shop for the long term and frequency of usage and feel so much better about it. Most importantly, I have found pieces that are dependable measured by physical wear and its representation of who I am. There is confidence to be found in clothes that look and feel good to you. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I had fun dreaming up the outfits and making an idea come to life. :) 

Outfit Details:
  • Top: Mossimo pink collared button up from Target -(similar) I've been on the fence about keeping such a vibrant colored top as most of my closet is now neutrals, but I fell in love with it again after this shoot. 
  • Sweater: LOFT waffle knit sweater -(similar) saw it on clearance and bought it without even trying it on. Probably the best impulse buy I've ever made. A great medium-thick sweater with enough room to layer over sleeveless tops and probably a long-sleeve button up as well. This is worn a lot during fall and winter.
  • Jeans: Lucky Brand Charlie Crop -my favorite pair of jeans for the last two years. Always looks good. Always comfortable. 
  • Necklace: Baublebar Maharaja- this necklace is the perfect bit of "bling" for me. It's a statement piece, but having it all one color keeps it from being overwhelming. Baublebar jewelry has weight as well so I know it's of decent quality. 
  • Watch: Fossil -I have a interchangeable strap watch, currently with a brown leather strap. I don't see my watch on the site anymore, but there are so many great options. I love my watch for its larger face and the leather strap that has worn well over the last year. 
Once again, thank you to the wonderful Jonizzle for taking the pictures. What a wonderful adventure for us to celebrate two years! 

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