Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Purse-Back Bucket Bag

What in the world is a purse-back? It's what I call the purse I was recently gifted, the Opening Ceremony bucket bag because it can be both a purse and a backpack! I have been hunting for the perfect black bucket bag for over a year, and in the end I wasn't able to find what I was looking for within my price range. What it took was an attentive and generous partner Jonizzle, and the secret consultation of our street-wear/hats/errything fashion guru MISTAH SU-LO JAMZ to complete my mission for me. Read on for the best (for me) anniversary present ever.

The purse is made of beautiful, smooth leather. Everything from the hardware to the lining is black, which is quite unique. As a result the bag looks dark and monotone, but the beauty is in the details. My purse is from Opening Ceremony's Fall/Winter 2014 collection, of which the theme was "hands". The "hands" theme could be spotted everywhere; sometimes obvious and other times creatively subtle. You can read more about the myth and the city (Antwerp) that inspired it all here. If you like to search for and can appreciate the little details, you would love this collection.

First detail to note is the interior lining of the bucket bag. It is covered in a pattern made of hands linked together. The lining is a black fabric and the hands are colored a dark gray so when I first glanced inside all I noticed was that there was a pattern and thought it looked geometric in a way. Upon further investigation it was revealed that it was made up of hands, alternating their grip with "Opening Ceremony" written here and there. The fabric has a bit of a sheen to it so it looks quite luxurious while adding dimension and a point of interest to a solid colored bag. 

If you don't keep your eyes peeled, you might just miss the tiniest of details on each of the buckles. The prongs are shaped as hands! I looked at other bags from this collection and hands were incorporated in all of the hardware as well. One bag even had hands with nails painted a deep blue. Again, at a glance everything seems dark and uniform, but look closely and you'll see that is not the case at all. 

Oh! I should probably talk about why this bucket bag is also a purse-back. In the picture above you can see a shorter handle at the top of the purse and two straps on the back that make it a backpack. The short handle can actually be lengthened by unbuckling the sides and moving the handle up. It's actually one long, adjustable strap so it can transition easily between functioning as a handle or as a shoulder strap. What makes this bag even better is that the backpack straps can be unbuckled from the bottom and removed! This cuts down on unnecessary bulk while in "purse mode".  If you don't already know, you will know for sure now- I love things designed with practical function in mind. Bonus if it's multi-purpose, like the bag! I have gasped so much just taking in the versatility of this purse, as if I wasn't swooning enough over the details already. 

Yet, I'm not done. Perhaps my favorite (it's a close call) aspect of all is this leather keychain shaped like a hand, of course. What makes this keychain so unique is that it actually snaps into the inside of the bag so that I can always find my keys. At first I didn't think I would take advantage of this, but after a few days of shaking my bag and trying to find my keys in an all-black-everything bag, I raised my hands and screamed a hallelujah that I hoped the designers could somehow hear, for adding this one of a kind, ultra-functional, time-saving addition.  

One last thing to mention because this is a detail that is important to me and probably a lot of you: interior pockets. There is a generously sized zipper pocket on the back and two open pockets on the opposite side. They're deep enough to fit my lip balm and pens in one, and iPhone6 in the other. Very last thing, the drawstring function is great and very smooth. But for extra security there is a magnetic snap closure so nothing falls out even if you don't cinch up the top. Win!

As I sit here looking at my bag, I can't help but feel so blessed for it and everything else I have in life. If I didn't have it, the bucket bag hunt would continue, but I would still have the people and relationships that mean so much to me. As such, I have this breathtaking bag that is a daily reminder of all that I have to be thankful for, especially for my partner. Thank you so much, love! I look forward to cherishing this bag for years to come.

Thank you for reading!

Outfit Details:
Leather jacket: Classiques Entier, similiar; I snagged mine super discounted at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago
Collared shirt: Madewell
Purse: Opening Ceremony Izzy Handbag Backpack (thanks to Jon for taking care of the link for me so that I wouldn't see the price. :P); similar (the one I lusted for that started the whole bucket bag desire)

All pictures by @jonizzle.

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